Quarantine - ugh..

2020-05-11 - (5 minutes)
Quarantine - ugh..

And all of a sudden, I need to be in quarantine because I tested positive for the WuHan COVID-19 virus….


A bit of history first. Back in November I went to West Virginia to hunt at a friend’s property. I was south of Moorefield in Hardy County. As one would expect, I had a blast, and did not catch anything. Still a hunting newbie, this is the second time in my life going hunting. I left to come back to Delaware on Thanksgiving day but right before that, I got sick with some sort of disease, fever and all that good stuff. Needless to say I missed Thanksgiving dinner because I still had fever, after coming back home.

First indications

Around the same time, I started watching reports of a virus coming out of China. Surprisingly enough Mike Adams and Infowars - Alex Jones were reporting about this, but nobody else was. It turned out to be that those two were right, and whoever listened to their warnings was prepared. We got a few supplies at the time - more like filling holes so to speak but nothing dramatic. We already had whatever we needed.


At the end of January, beginning of February 2020, the whole family got sick. One after the other got a weird flu like disease. I got it after my wife did, and she had it really bad. It was mostly respiratory, and I recall at times my lungs would burn when I would cough. It passed, for some of us faster than others.


After that, the WuHan COVID-19 was realized as a threat and the panic ensued to stock up on toilet paper….

Come and Take It

For us it was a minor adjustment. Mostly the kids had to adjust to not going to school and to get in the rhythm of studying at home. I have been working from home for years now so things remained unchanged in that regard.

As far as restocking-supplies are concerned, I would be the only one that would go to the grocery store, primarily for milk, fruits and vegetables. Anything else I would find I would mostly buy to add to what we had already.

I have been extremely careful while outside. Not only for myself and my family but also my neighbors who are all over 65 years of age. I have been wearing a N100 mask and gloves, with a long sleeved shirt. When I returned home, I would take off all my clothes and take a shower just in case, while the products would be wiped down or at times left in the garage for a few days.


Life went on as it does with me going shopping once a week at most. Anything we would need and could have it delivered, we would prefer that instead of me going out.

Based on our sickness in February, and the fact that the Chinese/WHO downplayed the infectiousness of the virus, we were under the impression that what we had in February was indeed COVID-19. One way to find out: run the antibodies test.

We contacted our doctor, who scheduled a test but that was not the antibodies one, so we had to wait a bit more to find it. In the end, last Wednesday (2020-05-06) we drove to Georgetown, at a designated location to have the antibodies test administered and get the results. It takes no more than 20 minutes for the results to come back and it was only a small prick on our fingers just to get blood. There were a lot of people there but everything moved quickly. We were through the line of waiting cars and on our way to the “waiting for results” parking lot in roughly an hour.


The lady came over with our results. Something was not right, one could tell. She told my wife that she was negative, but I tested positive for IgM as well as IgG - so that means that I could be infectious.

From my understanding:

  • IgM: you got infected by the virus, you are infecting others
  • IgM + IgG: your body has already started fighting the virus and produces antibodies. Not sure if you are infectious or not
  • IgG: you have the antibodies and not infecting anyone.

So I am on the second phase if you like. Where did I get it? No idea. One possibility was my father in law, since he deals with customers on a daily basis but he managed to get tested the same day and his came negative. Talking to a friend of mine that had to deal with infectious diseases, he told me that the most logical explanation was my gloves. I went to the store, touched something that was contaminated and then without realizing it touched my mask, my head etc. Oh well…

As a precaution I am quarantined now in our basement, and can see the family using Jitsi. I have no symptoms whatsoever, not even a flinch in temperature etc. The only thing that annoys me is allergies - I sneeze a lot.

So I am going to be stuck in the basement until the 20th or so of this month. In the paperwork, they suggested 7 days quarantine. The lady told us 10 days, we are adding a few more just to be on the safe side.

I have plenty of food, full size bathroom and full size bedroom, my whole office is down here, I have no issues whatsoever. It is however annoying to be isolated from the family.

I am however a bit suspicious of the results. I am one of those dads that showers the kids with hugs and kisses multiple times a day. How they did not get it is a mystery (they all tested negative).

I will try to keep the blog posts going, with what I am doing and what projects I took in order to keep my mind going. Isolation is bad only if you have nothing to do.

Stay safe! G-Redneck