On your marks, Get Set, Go!

2020-04-01 - (1 minute)
On your marks, Get Set, Go!

Hello! Welcome to the GRedneck blog! Yes this is going to be redneck related, and no, this is not a joke or satire site, despite the fact that the first post is on April 1st.

I am starting this blog, so that I can share my family’s journey to live a sustainable life, with very little to no debt, good investments for the years to come, and hopefully in a few years start living off grid. I know, it will be a long and tough journey but as my grandmother would say:

The beginning is half of everything

So here I am, starting this blog, with a goal to share all of my experiences and mistakes with you.

Thank you for visiting and stay tuned for more content!

Stay safe! G-Redneck