More supplies...

2020-04-28 - (3 minutes)
More supplies...

Starting a new venture is always difficult, because there are a thousand little pieces that have to be in place, in order to have the best chance for success.

I have been working on a list of things that I need to have in place, to launch this site. A video channel is a must, and my personal choices are alternative tech such as BrightEon, BitChute and LBRY. As for a YouTube channel, I am not sure it is required, but we will see.

Then the question is - do I create a Twitter account or not? How about a Facebook page and Instagram? Facebook is most likely a no for me, but then again Instagram is part of Facebook, so there is another decision to be made.

Of course to set all these up, I will need a proper email address for the domain, and if I choose to create a YouTube channel, I will also need to create a Google Account - most likely a GMail address etc.

The social media time and effort setup requirements, are probably worse than going to the Municipality of Thessaloniki, in order to get a copy of your birth certificate or something similar. Nothing against the people that work there, but I have had my fair share of wasted time, waiting on the wheels of bureaucracy to move so that I can get the documents I needed at the time.


I have been purchasing Fells Naptha soap, which I have been using for a home made laundry detergent. More on that in a future blog post and video. However, I wanted to try the recipe that called for a ZOTE pink soap. Those were nowhere to be found unfortunately.

Good old Amazon had some, but I was not prepared to pay $7.00 for one bar. The cheapest offer I found was $65.00 for 25 bars, bringing the cost to $2.60 per bar.

A bit of research led me to a Big Lots store close by. It was stocked up, and I spent just $20 for 20 bars.

I will be working on the blog post as well as the video for the home made laundry detergent soon - or as soon as I can sort out the social media presence.

Mason Jars

I mentioned this in the last blog post, part of saving money in food, will come from canning. The idea is simple. You buy food that is abundant (and cheap) at the time and you can it. You then have the particular food for a year and along with growing your pantry and becoming a bit more self sustained, you save money by not going to the grocery store all the time, and not paying top dollar for the item.

Recently we bought some tomato sauce and are in need to can it. These are the 6 lbs (3 kg) cans of tomato sauce from Hunts. The price was reasonable but not the cheapest we could find. For now, they will suffice until August/September. At that time it will be peak season for tomatoes, so I will make tomato sauce from fresh produce to stock up for the rest of the year.

Before all the cans arrived at home, my wife wanted a smaller container for the sauce. The quart size was not going to cut it for her, she wanted a bit less. One quart is two pints as I am told, so I will need to get a few mason jars that are pint sized.

I checked online for prices, and the best ones I could find were from Target and Fleet Farm. Although Fleet Farm was the cheapest option at $9.99 each, for 4 packs and delivery, it would have been just a touch above Target, which offered free delivery for orders above $35. Target it is then. The whole order was $43.96.

The mason jars as well as the remaining cans of tomato sauce will arrive by the end of the week. Hopefully by then I will have all the social media presence sorted out, so that I can start creating videos and posting them online for your pleasure.

Stay safe! G-Redneck