Let us begin!

2020-04-08 - (3 minutes)
Let us begin!

And so the adventure begins! I have been navigating through hundreds of web sites, articles, some books and all sorts of information, with one goal in mind: sustainability.

Sustainability offers a broad spectrum and because this is relatively new to me (some aspects of it) I will be researching or expanding on prepping, food preservation, living within our means, and reducing costs as much as possible.

Because this is such a broad spectrum and requires a lot of research, I will be focusing in two areas for now: cleaning and nutrition.


I have some ideas and have been working for years on some techniques that help with sustainability as well as reducing costs. I will be sharing all that with you of course.

However, the methodology that I will follow is to record every expense that I have (as accurately as possible) so that we can all decide on whether the effort was worth the reward. I am going to also record the savings that we will achieve. All that will be in the savings page with links to relevant blog posts and/or videos if applicable.


As a household we spend a lot of money on cleaning supplies. The rough estimation or average if you like for a US household is in the $500-$700 range. This includes cleaning supplies that have a one-time use, detergent for laundry as well as dryer sheets, softeners or even laundromat fees and energy usage. Additionally, for floors and surfaces, we have replaceable mop heads and wet wipes, paper towels, etc. Finally, we cannot overlook the plastic bags that we use for trash or other related uses.

$500-700 per year is $40-$60 a month roughly. I want to find out how much I can reduce this number, by using different solutions, some from the past, some using technology.

One additional factor in my future selections for cleaning would be how eco friendly the replacement products are. Less chemicals = better.


We spend a lot of money on food. The worst part is that on average, a US household throws away 25% of its food because it has gone bad. This is sad, especially when we have people in this world that are hungry.

In Greece, my mother brain washed me with the:

You need to eat this, because there are children in Africa that have nothing, and are going to bed hungry…

This guilt trip worked wonders, since to this day, I feel really uncomfortable, and at times angry, when I am forced to throw away food because it has gone bad. There might be times that I am eating the food of yesterday or the day before, since I do not want it to be thrown away. I was told by my better half, that in the US there is a similar expression, only they use China vs Africa. The origin is irrelevant. The point is that we should all try and not waste food.

So from a brief research, an average US household could spend $6,000 in food (or more).

I am going to research how much of that food (for my family that is) is essential, can be replaced with something else, how much of that food can be grown in a garden etc.

I intend on reporting all my findings in this blog, and my soon to appear YouTube channel, so that we can all learn from one another.

Stay safe! G-Redneck